Energizer Breath: To use as a morning wake-up with your garden (Taken from Rainbow Dancer Positive Thought and Imagery)

The Energizer Breath is a simple technique that can easily become a healing morning ritual. It begins the day with positive thoughts and images that can trigger harmonious and peaceful emotions. Deep breathing can slow the mind allowing the heart to open by the beauty and stillness of your garden. But, the best result, is receiving insights about your garden. I think of the most unusual ways to change the garden, perhaps a new plant to add or moving a plant that isn’t doing very well to a location I hadn’t yet tried. My intuition reminds me to notice a new blossom or find a bird nest.

I first learned this process in 1981 from a powerful Kahuna, Morrnah Simeona. Then, we were advised to do it in the beginning of the day and in the evening before going to sleep. I have been using it most every day since. I have found it very helpful to revitalize, calm, or just go to sleep when I want.

Breathing has to do with the element of air that offers a space for movement of the wind, small fragrant breezes and butterflies. Choose a favorite place to sit where you can watch the sunrise or just take time to think about your garden. What does it need to attract butterflies? Any changes? This process is simple the results are worth the time.

Step 1
Inhale a slow, deep breath to the count of  7. Be aware that you are breathing into your body energies that are in the air around your garden. It’s fun to focus on breathing the energies of the sunrise, a favorite tree, a butterfly, or a beautiful flower.

Step 2
Gently hold that breath for the same count of  7. Feel the energies of the breath expand into your body. As you allow the body to rest with the breath, your metabolism can slow.

Step 3
Now, let the breath go for the count of  7. Release toxins, mental or emotional blocks, or any worries.

Step 4
Again rest your body for the count of 7; do not inhale or exhale.  Be at rest between the breaths. Imagine or feel yourself in the center of the Sun. Be filled with the energies of love or a specific color.

Step 5
REPEAT 6 more times with an attitude of gratitude. On each round you might enjoy focusing on a different location or aspect of your garden. Ask for specific insight.