The Smart Bag

An easy way to fit your garden crops into a small space is to use the Smart Bag. It’s an incredible find from my favorite potato farm. The Wood Prairie Farm, in Maine, offers the best organic potatoes, vegetables, grains, and organic seeds. This unique soft-sided, double layer fabric container is reusable, strong enough to support a tree and your edible garden.

The 15 Gallon is 18″ wide by 13.5″ tall is good for growing 3-4 potato plants or 2-3 tomato plants. Their 25 Gallon Smart Bag is 21″ wide by 15.5″ tall which is good for growing 4-5 potato or 3 tomato plants. Check it out, you will love their catalog and newsletter that are filled with valuable organic growing information, interesting stories, and lots of tantalizing edibles.