Butterflies like to sip nectar from a large patch of single colored flowers and are most attracted to red. Here’s how to build your own Butterfly Café by seeding a red flower ‘sod’.

1.    Purchase seeds of your favorite red, butterfly flower.

2.    Cover a flat with one thickness of cheesecloth with extra overlapping the ends. Wet down the cheesecloth and cover it with a 1 inch layer of potting soil. Gently spray with water to moisten. Repeat to build a 2nd layer of moistened cheesecloth and 1 inch layer of potting soil.

3.    Broadcast the flower seeds evenly across the top of the moistened soil. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil and moisten gently. Firm gently to make the most seed contact with the soil .  Moisten again lightly and evenly.

4.    Set the prepared flat outside in a shady spot. When the seedlings have 5 leaves it’s time to lift the sod out of the flat holding the cheesecloth ends. Keeping the sod intact, gently place it on the prepared ground for your new butterfly garden.  Note the photo above is Globe Amaranth, Amaranthacae.