The cooing of a turtle dove is such sweet music from the garden, especially early in the morning when pouring fresh water in the bird bath.  There is always a dove or two that spends the night in the sabal or cabbage palm (Palmetto sabal), under the loropetalum, (Loropetalum Chinese var.) or many times nestled down between the red antique roses and fragrant pinwheel jasmine (Tabernaemontana divaricata).

The dove symbolizes peace, the life force, gentleness, innocence, purity and transformation of the soul into the consciousness of peace. The dove is commonly seen in paintings – with an olive branch in its mouth is peace and with Athene as the renewal of life; With a palm branch is victory over death; A dove with a star expresses Lady Venus; In Minoan art the dove is associated with the Great Mother.