We give thanks to the enlightened teachers who have gone before us and those today that help us rediscover our balance, respect and oneness with the Natural world. We are One – One is All.

To Mother Earth we give thanks and deep appreciation for giving all that is needed for our life; To the Spirit of Water and all life in water; To the Plant Kingdom who sustains many life forms; To all the Edibles and Medicine Herbs who sustain life with health and pleasure; To the Animal Life who teach us about ourselves; To the  Tree Kingdom who support our breath, strength and peace; The Bird and other Air People who give songs, colors and beauty; The Nine Sacred Directions who speak to us through the wind; To the Thunder Beings who renew life by bringing all varieties of moisture; To Grandfather Sun who is our life; To Grandmother Moon who sustains beauty with reflection; To the Great Mystery, Divine Creator for continually sending the forces of Love, Peace, Joy and Harmony.