Asleep in his egg-home for 18,000 years, Pan Gu stretched to become a part of the creation of the Earth. As the contents of the egg spilled out into the cosmos, the lighter elements drifted into the sky, the heavier, more impure elements settled downward to create the Earth.

In celebration of his Emerald-Green, Turquoise strength that held the heavens and earth apart for another 18,000 years, from death his arms and legs became the Four Sacred Directions; His blood poured into the rivers; Sweat into the morning dew and rain. His voice became the Thunder Beings, his breath the Winds. As his hair turned into grass, veins and arteries fashioned roads and paths. From his bones and teeth he offered minerals and rocks. The remainder of his body became the soil. The left eye was the Sun, the right eye became the moon. With gratitude he his remembered and honored.