MUGWORT, (Artemisia vulgaris) is a shrubby perennial that is native to North America where it grows easily in any type of soil, in sun or shade and is drought tolerant.  A medicinal herb our ancient ancestors called the ‘woman’s herb’ to stimulate the uterus during the birthing process and to reduce uncomfortable symptoms during menstrual cramping and menopause.

NOTE: Not to be ingested during pregnancy, while breast feeding or when taking any type of blood thinners.


Mugwort has long been seen as a sacred herb of protection; placed over doorways, added to sage and cedar blend for burning during a ceremony and in the Chinese tradition of Feng Shui, its leaves were sprinkled around the house for protection.

During the flu season or any other viral outbreak I eat a tiny dime-sized leaf each day until I feel the threat of sickness is over. In your garden place it where you can touch the leaves and rub a bit of its essence on your arms and legs.

Add some dried leaves to a dream pillow to calm your mind and emotions.

Make a strong tea to make a powerful addition to your bath. Add dried crushed leaves to your bath salts.

Mugwort likes to grow alone, adding ingredients to the soil to keep other plants from growing easily nearby. It makes an excellent container plant.