The common names used for different varieties of Artemisia can be confusing. When purchasing an Artemisia take the time to check the scientific name. For example, the common name wormwood is often given to several scientific names – Artemisia absinthium, Artemisia vulgaris and the one in the photo above is Artemisia dracunculus, variety sativa.

Artemisia dracunculus is commonly known as Wormwood and French Tarragon. It can be easily grown from cuttings and just two or three plants in your garden is ample.  It likes moist,  rich soil and full sun at least half of the day. If it dies back in the winter, prune all dead growth. Each year add more compost and keep the ground around it free of weeds.

The shamanic view links tarragon to the dragon and long ago people thought it was good protection from snakes in the garden.

For use in cooking, add French Tarragon to egg, chicken and mushroom dishes. It makes excellent wine/tarragon vinegar and is a sweet, spicy addition to freshly prepared vinaigrettes.