Artemisia includes powerful medicinal varieties that are highly regarded in Asian and Western cultures. Artemisia absinthium is commonly called absinth wormwood, common wormwood, wormwood sage and frequently referred to as mugwort. Said to be able to expel intestinal worms and other viruses, it is also used to stimulate the appetite and the liver and to trigger the uterus during childbirth.

Because this cultivar of artemisia contains an addictive ingredient that can cause blindness, take only in tiny amounts. For the past forty years my family ingests daily one tiny, dime-sized leaf of Artemisia absinthium for prevention against winter viruses.  A strong tea is made by adding ½ cup of fresh leaves to the tea pot, steeping for at least five minutes and adding to your bath water. At the same time I like to add one cup of salt and two cups of baking powder for an incredible cleansing soak.

NOTE: Do not ingest while pregnant or nursing.