The book, Plants: Why You Can’t Live Without, was published after many years of scientific research and data collection. A comprehensive study of the amazing benefits of plants, it is co-authored by two major plant researchers Dr. B.C. Wolverton and Mr. Kozaburo Takenaka.

Dr. B.C. Wolverton an environmental scientist was hired by the Federal Government to research natural abilities of plants to clean both water and air. Especially interested in plant research was NASA who wanted scientific data that could give eco-support to long-term space habitation. Wolverton’s plan for using water hyacinths to purify water is still being used with continued research. His off-gassing investigation evolved in the early 1970’s when the Sick Building Syndrome was introduced. It was found that toxicity from building materials became concentrated inside sealed buildings, making people feel sick, fatigued and have restless sleeping.

To improve air quality and further the study of green plant technologies, Kozaburo Takenaka, creates green environments in Japanese offices, atriums, shopping malls, hotels, retail stores, restaurants, public facilities, art galleries and museums – both indoors and outdoors.

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