It is very easy to harvest and dry Moringa Tree leaves in just a couple days. Whenever you want some dried leaves, just snap off a branch from the tree and spread the leaves on a thin cloth or a large dinner napkin; if it is humid, a thin cloth allows the air to circulate more easily. Leaves are then spread evenly over the napkin.

The leaves are gently pulled off the tiny branches in the same way you gently pull off leaves from a thyme or rosemary twig. If some tiny twigs are dried with the leaves they are also edible and very easy to remove or re-crush. I store mine in glass jars or in large washed-in-dishwasher yogurt containers. Enjoy the incredible nutrition by sprinkling in your teapot, over salads and breakfast omelets, pour some into the batter of your homemade muffins or biscuits or add more nutrition to shakes and smoothies..