Strawberry Popcorn, (Zea mays ‘Strawberry Corn’) grows in all zones with a height of 4 feet. It likes to be grown in full sun, rich soil & kept moist. Recommended to give nitrogen-rich, fish emulsion 3 times: Once at planting time, again when 8 inches tall and again as soon as tassels appear.

For good wind pollination grow in a circular bed that is not near other corn varieties. After harvesting, allow the corn kernels to dry on the cob for another month. For quick popping, I store my corn kernels in the freezer in an air-tight, plastic, lidded jar. For stove popping in oil, I use an old wok with a lid.

To purchase organic seeds for growing:   Sustainable Seed Company,    Heirloom Seeds

Why to avoid the microwave for popping your corn?

For online purchase of organic popping corn:   Eden Foods,   Arrowhead Mills