Consider making a water-smart container for those plants that need to be protected from cold weather or for growing delicious salads and herbs through the winter. I use a rather large pot with no drainage hole to allow a reservoir of water and air to form at the lower half of the pot. Fill the pot, up to 4 inches from the top, with wet materials:

  • Composted or shredded leaves, Live Oak tree leaves are the best
  • 2” corn cob pieces
  • Small twigs, or any other debris found under your shrubs

On top of the wet material add 1 inch eucalyptus mulch and the last layer is an organic potting soil. Before adding the soil mix it with some crushed eggshells, vermiculite, and any other soil amenity you like to use.

To make a tasty companion garden for winter salad greens, sow seeds for arugula, spinach, radicchio, lettuce, garlic and parsley. When thinning the seedlings keep in mind that moisture is sustained when plants are kept close together and cover the soil.