Garlic a long-time favorite in cuisine and herbal remedies, was once used for strength, stamina and as a muscle stimulant by Egyptian pyramid builders, Greek athletes, Viking sailors, and into the present, it’s recommended by grandmothers to heal children’s earache, sore throat and tummy pains.

Easy to grow in most soils, but prefers good drainage, ample water and lots of composted organic matter. In the sustainable garden it’s one of the main ingredients to plant throughout the edible landscape because it is a good companion to roses, lemon grass, tomatoes, fruit trees, cabbage. DO NOT grow near beans or peas.

Planting instructions

Red Russian Garlic is a hardneck variety that is very winter hardy. Plant it in the fall to be ready for spring growth; in the southern climates store three weeks in the refrigerator just before planting.

  1. Break apart the full garlic bulb into individual cloves.
  2. Plant each garlic clove an inch or two into the ground.
  3. The pointy side should point up; the root side is usually a little flatter.
  4. Cover with some dirt.
  5. Add some leaves and straw on top to further insulate from the cold weather.
  6. In the spring, they’ll start growing nicely.
  7. Enjoy.