Angie & Tiffany standing next to their Tower Garden™ which surround the outdoor café at the Wind Horse Wellness Center in Eustis, Florida. Their green business Karmafarm Online offers a vast collection of green products that can be purchased online. Their Karmafarm Eco Boutique at Wind Horse allows customers to eat the food grown on the Tower Garden™, learn more about it and have fun exploring an incredible collection of other earth-friendly goods.

The Tower Garden™ technology took ten years to develop and can grow up to 44 plants faster than if you grew them in the ground. It works on a closed, recycling technology that uses 5% of the nutrients and water used in a normal vegetable garden.

As nutritious water continually recycles through the system, the plants absorb the specially formulated, pH balanced, mineral rich, ionic solution. Because the roots are highly oxygenated, disease is practically nonexistent and plants grow fast and remain super healthy.

Made from food-grade plastic, it is a vertical, sustainable gardening system designed for commercial and home use – easily fits on the deck or outside patio, in a roof garden, on the front porch or in the sunroom during cold weather.