Happy Thanksgiving!            We give our gratitude and deep appreciation for family, friends, our Ancestors & future generations; to gardeners, caretakers and teachers that help sustain the Earth, Democracy, Art, Peace, Joy, Harmony and Love.

To Mother Earth we give thanks and deep appreciation for giving all that is needed for life;

To the Spirit of Water and all life in water;

To the Plant Kingdom who sustains many life forms;

To all the Edibles and Medicine Herbs who sustain life with health and pleasure;

To the Animal Life who teach us about ourselves;

The Tree Kingdom our support in breath, strength and peace;

The Bird and other Air People who give songs, colors and beauty;

The Nine Sacred Directions who speak to us through the wind;

To the Thunder Beings who renew life by bringing all varieties of chi;

To Grandfather Sun who is life;

To Grandmother Moon who sustains beauty, reflection & love in relationships;

To the Great Unseen Ones who sustain the Circle of Life;

To the Great Mystery, Divine Creator we are grateful;

We are One – One is All.