Sitting at Sunset Beach in Tarpon Springs, Florida, I felt the oneness with the beauty. In dancing shadows from nearby trees, I created a medicine circle as a healing prayer for someone. As I visualized her sitting in the center of the medicine circle my heart warmed to feel the vast variety of earth’s medicinal energies that were continually moving over and through her body, mind and soul.

You can do the same in your garden. Find a quiet spot to create a medicine circle for someone you know or just for you. Focus your mind on holding the vision of sitting in the center of the circle. The chi-filled wind and the chi-filled radiations from the earth, the sun, the moon and from all the nearby trees, herbs and flowers are being absorbed easily and effortlessly.

Healing is an exchange with a release of the old, an acceptance of the new and an expression of gratitude. Later I thanked the Earth for Her part in the healing by opening a small garden bed for several cleome from a friend’s garden. In my prayers earlier this morning, I thanked the Earth with my heart. The experience has enriched my life.