Winter Solstice 2011

Wednesday,  Dec. 21,   9:30PM PST

Thursday,  Dec. 22,   12:30AM EST

The Winter Solstice begins the earth’s journey into longer hours of daylight. This marks the time of your personal journey when it’s possible to move beyond darkness, confusion and any disappointments of 2011. It’s a good time to celebrate the manifestation of your new goals for 2012 and expand your ability to bring the power of love into all your relationships.

This Winter Solstice focus your mind on creating the kind of relationships that can bring more love and harmony into your life. Today, write down one major goal for each of the following:

  1.  For your life and personal relationships.
  2. Something you can do to care for the earth.
  3. Goals you want to manifest for work and finances.

For each goal create a vision of what your life is going to be like when the goals are reached. Write down a short, positive affirmation that relates to each goal and FEEL your goals happening. Express your gratitude for their manifestation and for all those people, opportunities and experiences that are helping to manifest your goals. Place everything in a red envelope – your goals, the vision and any plans throughout the year. Keep it in an auspicious place. Then, everyday until the winter solstice of 2012, read over everything, hold an attitude of gratitude, feel an acceptance and feel a deep appreciation for the achievement of your goals.

The last step is to re-write your goals on another piece of paper. You are going to burn it and throw the ashes on the ground in the garden or next to a favorite tree. Burning gives them power and helps to release any emotional or mental blocks associated with them. A few days before the autumn equinox in 2012, take time to remember how the goals were manifested and all the people who helped you along the way.