Aloes are not hardy in the winter frost or snow. To get one ready for moving inside plant it in a container now but leave it outside until the weather changes. A strong economical container that can hold a tall aloe is an old paint can. The aloe’s architectural leaf shapes will add aesthetic drama to any sunny room in your home.

Consider various colors to paint the can: Deep chocolate-brown or a rust-orange offers a comfortable earthy feel; Cherry red promotes good luck and cheerfulness; Yellows support confidence and optimism; Pink can be romantic; Soft ocean blues or turquoise allow relaxation.

How to: Clean out any paint residue; Lightly sand the surface; First coat is a primer, then follow with paint.

Growing medium: Fill halfway with a pile of wet twigs and small leaves; Follow with wet green sand and pebble mixture; Surround the roots with a good potting soil; Water well; Cover the top with more pebbles or gravel. Aloes are very drought tolerant so water well, but infrequently.