As we welcome everyone who visits Shamanic Gardener, we especially appreciate comments and questions. Our last post before the Autumn Equinox generated a lot of questions about finding Moringa (Moringa oleifera).

Moringa is not easy to find at American nurseries and seed companies; it’s up to all of us to ask for it at our favorite garden centers and seed companies. Although there are numerous online sources for moringa powder, I recommend purchasing seeds and growing your own. Every community garden, local food bank, church soup kitchen, health center, yoga center, etc., could be growing hedges of moringa trees to provide a free source of nutritional food.

Presently I buy my seeds from ECHO,, in North Fort Myers, Florida. The moringa tree grows very quickly from seed. Because the long roots tend to grow straight just under the surface of the ground they can be carefully dug up and cut into shorter pieces for a substitute to horseradish – it’s commonly known as the ‘horseradish tree’. The tree will die back from freezing temperatures, but when the weather warms, the main trunk sprouts several more trees. People are having success saving the tree over the winter months by placing it in a container to place in a sunny, warm room of the house.

The photo of a moringa hedge is from: