IMG_0264 The Classical Seven-Circuit Labyrinth is known to be a form of harmony and an easy walk through it gives a calming, relaxing feel. Not known as well are the results of a 2008 research program that analyzed the effects of a daily labyrinth experience on children that exhibited ADHD symptoms. Each day the children moved their finger through a hand-sized labyrinth.

For the research, children were chosen because they were hyperactive, easily distracted, had poor concentration skills, and had difficulty engaging in quiet activities both alone and with other children. There was a persistent problem interfering in the child’s life at home and at school.

After 4 weeks of ‘finger walking’ a labyrinth every day there was significant reduction in ADHD-type behavior. The results suggested that, over time, the labyrinth experience could cause a positive improvement in the children’s ADHD behavior.

The Shambhalla Institute offers an interesting Labyrinth Class to learn how to install a personal Classical Seven-Circuit Labyrinth. Here are some comments from participants. Please share your labyrinth experience with others with a comment below or on the Shambhalla Institute and Shamanic Gardening Facebook pages.

Annie Retamel, a Shamanic Gardener in Pasadena, California:   “Thank  you again for doing the Labyrinth class at my house, it was such a spiritual gift and it keeps on giving and giving.  For a woman who recently lost her husband, our labyrinth has become a huge healing space for her.”

Millie Fink, Medical Trainer, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:    “Walking a labyrinth revealed to me a long-forgotten spiritual aspect of my true being.”

Lynn Thiel, Travel Agent, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:    “The labyrinth centers me, taking me into a oneness with nature. My personal labyrinth brought sacredness to my land.”