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Angel Air promotes spiritual experiences and shares information that helps raise human consciousness and evolution. Anita Mayberry, its founder is a visionary, a gifted intuitive healer, who speaks Light language and implements galactic body activations. This February when, Angel Air flew into Florida to interview Melinda Joy for a series of video’s, this extraordinary image was captured on film at a labyrinth designed by her.

MjoyLabyrinth2Melinda Joy’s labyrinth designs are unique because she anchors specific Earth and Light energies into the labyrinth, makes an alignment with directions, and builds harmony with the surrounding environment. Each labyrinth is personalized to reflect the client’s personality, individual needs, and the intent of the labyrinth. The intent for this one was Transformation. It was a profound blessing when Anita’s camera captured this beautiful image that absolutely transformed both of us.

Walking a labyrinth is a journey in Peace, Love, Joy, and Harmony. It’s wonderful to be able to share this image to remind us that we really are continually surrounded by Light Beings. Thank you to Angel Air for making a difference on the planet.

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Personal growth and spiritual power require deeper connections to Within or what I like to call the HeartSelf. It is that part of you that is Within; it is greater than your mind. You are not your mind. You are more than your mind. You are the HeartSelf. Getting to know this valuable part of your self and listening to its Wisdom and Truth gives important insight into your life. Making the connection, and then, listening deepens the knowing of who you really are. The shamanic journey inward travels into intertwining levels of LOVE and healing. Choose to focus on LOVE then, listen intently and later express the Wisdom received from Within. The process is exciting, exhilarating, and is frequently very entertaining with a good amount of humor, discovery, and healing.

Taking the time to listen to the wisdom of the natural world is a powerful way to rejuvenate mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Consider joining a Shamanic Journey Retreat to explore the energy connection between the Earth and the energies of the HeartSelf. What you see effects what you think and feel. The imprint on your life is expanded when you observe and listen to the wisdom of the natural world.’ New ways to think can be learned. Healing is a common occurrence.

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Art by Indigo, 1988

Today is a global event for embracing the Truth of Love. Today, November 11, 2011, otherwise known as 11/11/11, people around the earth are creating a unified focus on the Pure Heart True Love in a variety of ways. Set in motion during ancient times, its movement has been sustained from Within by many through prayer, chanting and sacred art, dance and ceremony. For all those committed individuals who nurtured the 11/11 focus toward our spiritual awakening and the Earth’s ascension, we are eternally grateful.

The website provides in-depth explanation, 11/11 history, the complete vision and a special video demonstration how to help create the unified focus and personal embodiment of Pure Heart True Love.

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