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The classical 7-path labyrinth design is a perfect sacred space for community gatherings, sacred ceremonies, as well as creating a means for connecting with nature, and as a tool for developing peace. Used as a form of sacred space in cultures around the globe for over 3200 years, this type labyrinth design can actually, de-stress the nerves, help to integrate and balance the right and left brain, center the focus, and organize your day.

I have been walking my personal since 1981. Mostly in the morning before the sun rises so I can enjoy the energetic and shamanic sacred space designed by the Great Mystery. My walk sets the day for me in a very powerful and enlightening way. I walk my labyrinth when starting a new project, I need a solution or new insight, I want to connect to my deepest inner wisdom, or just get connected and express gratitude. It has become a sacred space that is an important ingredient of my life.

Because the Shambhalla Institute blends the design and installation with sacred teachings of ancient indigenous cultures, feng shui, and sustainable garden design, personal sacred space reflects individual lifestyle, innate strengths, goals, and spiritual nature. The experience gives the mind a chance to slow down and get focused. The senses are heightened to feel, see, and hear the natural environment surrounding the labyrinth while the intuition opens into what the mind is thinking, the heart is feeling, and my gratitude.

The Shambhalla Institute is looking for people who want to learn about the labyrinth and help install labyrinths for themselves, friends, schools, nature centers, community gardens, and public parks. If you are interested in working together to add sacred space in your community, please contact the institute, 352.638.2617.



Nature’s Sacred Space is our greatest teacher of SELF.

Sacred Spaces are necessary for the wellbeing of the body, the mind, the emotions, and to be healed by our spiritual nature. As a plant is moved in a garden to find the spot where it can best realize itself, a sacred space offers the best place to learn how to become who you were meant to be. Your inner sacred space teaches who you are—your purpose, strengths, gifts, and special talents.

Mother Earth is our greatest teacher. A walk in the woods, along the beach, or walking through a meadow filled with butterflies opens a path to the wisdom of the earth and that of your soul. Sacred spaces allow a quiet, stillness; where silent questions can be asked; answers can be heard; and emotions can be calmed.

These are spaces where the mind can focus on the spiritual aspects of the natural world and your spiritual self. Personalized sacred spaces can be created in individual homes and gardens. They offer a safe haven for rest, to attune to the natural elements, hear the birds singing or the soft music of a water fountain. They are designed to be comfortable spaces where we can experience beauty while writing or meditating, and to journey Within.

Vernal Equinox 2012

Visioning for your Spring Equinox Celebration

Tuesday Mar 20, 12:42 AM (PST) or 3:42 PM (EST)

The Vernal Equinox is a spring day when the sun moves north over the equator to make a balance of yin and yang. The sun rises due east and sets due west.  At this time, the great sphinx in Egypt points directly toward the rising sun and in Bali the new year begins.

Reflect on your goals to create your vision for 2012

At the Winter Solstice, goal-related seeds were written down. The Spring Equinox is a time to turn your  vision into a plan of action to bring goals into reality. To define your vision write down 1 – 3 actions you can take to manifest each goal.  

  • What is your vision, thoughts and plan of action for your career? 
  • What is your vision, thoughts and plan of action for your personal growth? 
  • What is your vision, thoughts and plan of action for your spiritual goals?

For those of you that missed the Winter Solstice, write your goals on two separate pieces of paper. One page is burned and one page is tucked away in a special place where you can find it at the end of 2012. You will discover  at the Autumn Equinox which goals have been manifested. Burning your prayers or goals gives them power and helps release any blocks. 

Manifestation Tips

Manifestation happens when the feng shui environment is set for your vision, a plan of action is created and thoughts are chosen for focusing the mind until the goal is achieved. Using your environment as a tool to support your annual goals is important as it stimulates a positive belief system. An attitude of gratitude, inner awareness and discipline of thought are keys to realization. Your focused mind is an active form of manifestation that aligns the vision with your passion and your plan of action.  The art of manifestation includes a gratitude, passion and the ability to hold a vision and sustain a focused mind. While accessing passion for your goals, take time to tap into the incredible power and guidance from your Inner Self.

We are extremely grateful for all our Shambhalla friends and are always available to support your visions. Contact us anytime to let us what you are doing and how we can work together to support your vision. 

Sound holds everything together. One of the Sacred Truths in the Medicine Wheel of Peace is Hearing the Truth as it relates to Harmony-Wholeness that is found in the Sacred Space of all creation. The Truths teach All is One – One is All

As you sit in your garden just before sunrise, close your eyes to listen to the rhythm of harmony and wholeness. Personally experience the synthesis of the elements as you hear a water fountain’s soft gurgles over stones, the wind moving over you and through the garden and how the warm sunlight stimulates a beautiful wholeness in a bird’s song.

Allow total surrender to a magical moment. Take time to express your gratitude to the sounds of Harmony-Wholeness. Then, before leaving ask Mother Earth to heal a special relationship with Her Harmony, Wholeness and Love.

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