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Medicine Wheel gardens, though beautiful are more than just a shape. It is important to use the principles underneath the physical design in order to gain the spiritual and energetic benefits. One of the most important principles is the alignment. Getting the alignment correct is kind of like a key to open the door to the natural energies of the earth. The analogy to just using the shape might be having a car without a key to really drive it.

Gardens that incorporate the underlying principles and techniques of the medicine wheel are healing, nurturing and supportive to bringing peace into your relationships. The spiritual and energetic benefits of this ancient structure, which dates back thousands of years, symbolizes harmony.  Learn more by taking our class!


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Sitting at Sunset Beach in Tarpon Springs, Florida, I felt the oneness with the beauty. In dancing shadows from nearby trees, I created a medicine circle as a healing prayer for someone. As I visualized her sitting in the center of the medicine circle my heart warmed to feel the vast variety of earth’s medicinal energies that were continually moving over and through her body, mind and soul.

You can do the same in your garden. Find a quiet spot to create a medicine circle for someone you know or just for you. Focus your mind on holding the vision of sitting in the center of the circle. The chi-filled wind and the chi-filled radiations from the earth, the sun, the moon and from all the nearby trees, herbs and flowers are being absorbed easily and effortlessly.

Healing is an exchange with a release of the old, an acceptance of the new and an expression of gratitude. Later I thanked the Earth for Her part in the healing by opening a small garden bed for several cleome from a friend’s garden. In my prayers earlier this morning, I thanked the Earth with my heart. The experience has enriched my life.

The wisdom teachings of ancient cultures, shamans and medicine people are relevant in today’s world. A comforting, powerful tradition I learned from Grandmother Twylah in her classes on the Pathway of Peace/Cycles of Truth is to acknowledge those who have kept the ancient Indigenous teachings alive. Because of the educators, from the past to the present, it is possible to integrate the ages-old teachings with the energies of today.

Looking ahead to seven more generations of people, we all can be grateful for the teachers that are weaving the lessons of earth medicine into the present culture. However, as you ‘stand tall’ and ‘walk your talk’ others are taught and that sustains the Circle of Life for the next seven generations.

I am grateful for your teaching.

Sound holds everything together. One of the Sacred Truths in the Medicine Wheel of Peace is Hearing the Truth as it relates to Harmony-Wholeness that is found in the Sacred Space of all creation. The Truths teach All is One – One is All

As you sit in your garden just before sunrise, close your eyes to listen to the rhythm of harmony and wholeness. Personally experience the synthesis of the elements as you hear a water fountain’s soft gurgles over stones, the wind moving over you and through the garden and how the warm sunlight stimulates a beautiful wholeness in a bird’s song.

Allow total surrender to a magical moment. Take time to express your gratitude to the sounds of Harmony-Wholeness. Then, before leaving ask Mother Earth to heal a special relationship with Her Harmony, Wholeness and Love.

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