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Luxury in Space

How to be inspired for that one-of-a-kind invention, find an incredible solution to a difficult problem, have a new idea that could jumpstart your business? It would be pretty amazing to have this meditation space to enter whenever we want to just hang out with our Inner Wisdom and take time to attune to the Earth.


“The earth moves at a slow rhythm, closer to that of a flower blooming. Calling the mind to the deepest part of the heart’s sensory system, or the inner senses, develops your ability to attune to that rhythm.” 

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Good feng shui in the home often starts with a high-impact idea! The plant shown, Pink Chaos’ Coleus (Solenostemon scutellarioides), is the perfect way to stimulate the chi for your home. Create a balance in your home by using the 5 natural elements of feng shui — Water, Earth, Fire, Wood, and Metal. Place this plant in the far back, middle areas of your garden – the fame area.  

The root of an edible species of Coleus, Coleus forskohlii, is  historically used in Ayurvedic medicine to burn fat. For more tips for using interior design feng shui for the home see KimColwellDesign. Check out tons of tips on herbal medicine and feng shui for the garden in our book. It is a fact-filled resource that you will have for life, Shamanic Gardening: Timeless Techniques for the Modern Sustainable Garden.

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At the time the sun is rising, the deep silence of the SunHeart moves into the day. The voice of your HeartMind can speak to the Heart of the sun and the Heart Within the Vibralcore of the earth. As each Heart breathes slowly, deeply, a powerful oneness is present for the day.

Breathing into that unified, connected breath, although naturally happening every day, becomes powerful when you acknowledge it together with your HeartMind and your BrainMind. As your HeartMind awakens together with the fire breath of the sun and with the grounding breath of the earth, gratitude acknowledges the process while mindful awareness is learned, along with an heightened ability to see miracles happening. Ask your HeartMind to send a silent notification whenever a miracle is happening in your life.

On the Autumn Equinox, Sunday, September 22, 2013, (New York, 4:44pm EST), (Los Angeles & Sedona, 1:44PST), is an excellent time to talk about those miracles and how your life has been blessed. This blog is also a great place to share your miracles. Consider telling your stories here; we are grateful for what you have to say. 

We invite you to join us at the Shambhalla Sedona Retreat; set in place to connect Hearts and share our miracles.

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How to Inspire Creativity

Once creative juices have slowed down – then what? Are you writing your first book? Writing an email to inspire the action you want? Recent brain research is revealing some interesting facts about the creative spirit. A major cause of slowing the flow of creativity is the common problem of anxiety. Intense anxiety, when the mind seems to be out of control with no hopes of stopping; muscles are tensed with no real movement, yet plenty of exhaustion is present. These moments can draw energy away from creative thinking, positive thought, and writing strength.

Is there an antidote? An easy fix? The finger is pointing to something the Shambhalla Institute has been doing for past three decades – creating moments and spaces that exude a natural high. Not only in the home, in the garden, and in the office, but, for the mind, body, emotions, and the soul. The Institute is looking for writers, authors, web-designers, actors, interior designers, and anyone else that uses up their creative prowess on a daily basis. To have a recharge and expand your creative flow, check out their upcoming, transforming Shamanic Journey Retreat in Sedona, Sept 18-23, (Thurs-Mon). It’s a skillfully planned, guided, and safe, immersion into the natural world; to deeply explore the hidden qualities of the basic powers of the Earth. To check out & to register, Click Here

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