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The classical 7-path labyrinth design is a perfect sacred space for community gatherings, sacred ceremonies, as well as creating a means for connecting with nature, and as a tool for developing peace. Used as a form of sacred space in cultures around the globe for over 3200 years, this type labyrinth design can actually, de-stress the nerves, help to integrate and balance the right and left brain, center the focus, and organize your day.

I have been walking my personal since 1981. Mostly in the morning before the sun rises so I can enjoy the energetic and shamanic sacred space designed by the Great Mystery. My walk sets the day for me in a very powerful and enlightening way. I walk my labyrinth when starting a new project, I need a solution or new insight, I want to connect to my deepest inner wisdom, or just get connected and express gratitude. It has become a sacred space that is an important ingredient of my life.

Because the Shambhalla Institute blends the design and installation with sacred teachings of ancient indigenous cultures, feng shui, and sustainable garden design, personal sacred space reflects individual lifestyle, innate strengths, goals, and spiritual nature. The experience gives the mind a chance to slow down and get focused. The senses are heightened to feel, see, and hear the natural environment surrounding the labyrinth while the intuition opens into what the mind is thinking, the heart is feeling, and my gratitude.

The Shambhalla Institute is looking for people who want to learn about the labyrinth and help install labyrinths for themselves, friends, schools, nature centers, community gardens, and public parks. If you are interested in working together to add sacred space in your community, please contact the institute, 352.638.2617.



At the time the sun is rising, the deep silence of the SunHeart moves into the day. The voice of your HeartMind can speak to the Heart of the sun and the Heart Within the Vibralcore of the earth. As each Heart breathes slowly, deeply, a powerful oneness is present for the day.

Breathing into that unified, connected breath, although naturally happening every day, becomes powerful when you acknowledge it together with your HeartMind and your BrainMind. As your HeartMind awakens together with the fire breath of the sun and with the grounding breath of the earth, gratitude acknowledges the process while mindful awareness is learned, along with an heightened ability to see miracles happening. Ask your HeartMind to send a silent notification whenever a miracle is happening in your life.

On the Autumn Equinox, Sunday, September 22, 2013, (New York, 4:44pm EST), (Los Angeles & Sedona, 1:44PST), is an excellent time to talk about those miracles and how your life has been blessed. This blog is also a great place to share your miracles. Consider telling your stories here; we are grateful for what you have to say. 

We invite you to join us at the Shambhalla Sedona Retreat; set in place to connect Hearts and share our miracles.

To check out Sedona Retreat.

To register, Click Here.

Today is the best day of the year to focus on sharing your gratitude with someone.  A year of explosive change has supported a closer look into stability. The sun and the moon can be a good place to start as they are always around,  give life and value.  Trees serve the planet majestically, never complain, supply shade, comfort, protection and also provide nourishment to every member of the Circle of Life.

This year consider imagining yourself in the center of your favorite tree. Breathe with the tree, breathe your love and gratitude into the tree. As you express your grateful thoughts for the tree, expand your mind to reach out to all trees on the earth, in your yard, in your city, in gardens and parks. Take another deep breath in and become ONE with the tree. Then, ask your self:

  • What, for this year 2012, are the fruits of my thoughts? Goals?  Desires?
  • How have I changed:  My thoughts?  My emotions?  My spiritual growth?

To know what ‘seeds to plant’ for 2013 at the time of the Winter Solstice, reflect and ask yourself:

  • Who Am I now?   Who do I want to be in 2013?
  • What do I want to happen in 2013

NOTE: The photo was taken this week at Kanapaha Botanical Garden in Gainesville, Florida. This tree has been reinventing itself  by being a tall tree, an exceptionsl bridge to walk under and nourishment for a variety of plants and teams of wildlife on its branches. My husband Bob & I are very grateful for its presence each time we visit the gardens.

Sitting at Sunset Beach in Tarpon Springs, Florida, I felt the oneness with the beauty. In dancing shadows from nearby trees, I created a medicine circle as a healing prayer for someone. As I visualized her sitting in the center of the medicine circle my heart warmed to feel the vast variety of earth’s medicinal energies that were continually moving over and through her body, mind and soul.

You can do the same in your garden. Find a quiet spot to create a medicine circle for someone you know or just for you. Focus your mind on holding the vision of sitting in the center of the circle. The chi-filled wind and the chi-filled radiations from the earth, the sun, the moon and from all the nearby trees, herbs and flowers are being absorbed easily and effortlessly.

Healing is an exchange with a release of the old, an acceptance of the new and an expression of gratitude. Later I thanked the Earth for Her part in the healing by opening a small garden bed for several cleome from a friend’s garden. In my prayers earlier this morning, I thanked the Earth with my heart. The experience has enriched my life.

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