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Medicine Wheel gardens, though beautiful are more than just a shape. It is important to use the principles underneath the physical design in order to gain the spiritual and energetic benefits. One of the most important principles is the alignment. Getting the alignment correct is kind of like a key to open the door to the natural energies of the earth. The analogy to just using the shape might be having a car without a key to really drive it.

Gardens that incorporate the underlying principles and techniques of the medicine wheel are healing, nurturing and supportive to bringing peace into your relationships. The spiritual and energetic benefits of this ancient structure, which dates back thousands of years, symbolizes harmony.  Learn more by taking our class!


June 19 – 6-9 PM – $39

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We have private and group classes throughout the year in Los Angeles, Orlando, and even online for people across the globe. Learn more here.


This year’s winter solstice is a personal and a global event. The Mayan Long Count Calendar completes a 13 Baktun Cycle of 5,125 years on Friday, December 21, 2012, *UTC 11:11am. Tomorrow clear some time in your day to connect to thousands of people around our Planet who are holding a focus of gratitude and remembering that  WE ARE ONE;  ONE IS ALL – ALL IS ONE.  As we have learned over years of observing solstice and equinox times, the Winter Solstice is a powerful opportunity to set the stage for the next year. Ask yourself, “Who Am I?”  What do I want to have happen in my life next year?”

Write down a goal for your personal, business and spiritual life that you want to manifest during 2013. Make 2 copies. Place one in a special place to read again at the Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox time. (See pp 175-179 in Shamanic Gardening: Timeless Techniques for the Modern Sustainable Garden.)

Because this day is such a powerful transformational time we have the opportunity to take part in the Great Mystery’s light-blessings that are pouring into the air, the water, the earth and into our hearts, emotions and minds. It’s a perfect time to:

  • Vision your greatest DREAM.
  • Imagine the JOY of having PEACE in all relationships.
  • Have every action be ruled by LOVE and compassion.
  • Be aware and acknowledge miracles.
  • Feel and sense the HARMONY that is within all creation of the Circle of Life.

*(UTC=Coordinated Universal Time) Other exact times to observe in United States: 6:11am East Coast; 5:11am Central Time; 4:11am Mountain Time; 3:11 West Coast Time; Hawaii Time 1:11am


A master BIRD ARCHITECT at work, RECYCLING nature’s debris in the most gorgeous of ways!

The circle is a sacred shamanic form that relates to the Truth of Harmony and the spiritual essence of wholeness. As the bird’s inner wisdom determines a creation of circular design, the result is one of living within harmony and knowing the Wholeness of the natural world. A shamanic gardener seeks to become whole and to live within the balance and harmony that’s present in the Circle of Life.

For an incredible collection of shamanic stories and tips check out another great Process Media book, Shamanic Gardening: Timeless Techniques for the Modern Sustainable Gardener

The veil of illusion resembles the moment before dawn when the world of familiar things is seen through the fogs and the streamers of mist. Alice A. Bailey

A bird sees the illusion of the garden’s reflection and chooses to stay even through the pain of beating its body against the windowpane. The shaman in you though senses harmony in a garden along with soft coos of a nearby dove.

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