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The classical 7-path labyrinth design is a perfect sacred space for community gatherings, sacred ceremonies, as well as creating a means for connecting with nature, and as a tool for developing peace. Used as a form of sacred space in cultures around the globe for over 3200 years, this type labyrinth design can actually, de-stress the nerves, help to integrate and balance the right and left brain, center the focus, and organize your day.

I have been walking my personal since 1981. Mostly in the morning before the sun rises so I can enjoy the energetic and shamanic sacred space designed by the Great Mystery. My walk sets the day for me in a very powerful and enlightening way. I walk my labyrinth when starting a new project, I need a solution or new insight, I want to connect to my deepest inner wisdom, or just get connected and express gratitude. It has become a sacred space that is an important ingredient of my life.

Because the Shambhalla Institute blends the design and installation with sacred teachings of ancient indigenous cultures, feng shui, and sustainable garden design, personal sacred space reflects individual lifestyle, innate strengths, goals, and spiritual nature. The experience gives the mind a chance to slow down and get focused. The senses are heightened to feel, see, and hear the natural environment surrounding the labyrinth while the intuition opens into what the mind is thinking, the heart is feeling, and my gratitude.

The Shambhalla Institute is looking for people who want to learn about the labyrinth and help install labyrinths for themselves, friends, schools, nature centers, community gardens, and public parks. If you are interested in working together to add sacred space in your community, please contact the institute, 352.638.2617.



This year’s winter solstice is a personal and a global event. The Mayan Long Count Calendar completes a 13 Baktun Cycle of 5,125 years on Friday, December 21, 2012, *UTC 11:11am. Tomorrow clear some time in your day to connect to thousands of people around our Planet who are holding a focus of gratitude and remembering that  WE ARE ONE;  ONE IS ALL – ALL IS ONE.  As we have learned over years of observing solstice and equinox times, the Winter Solstice is a powerful opportunity to set the stage for the next year. Ask yourself, “Who Am I?”  What do I want to have happen in my life next year?”

Write down a goal for your personal, business and spiritual life that you want to manifest during 2013. Make 2 copies. Place one in a special place to read again at the Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice and the Autumn Equinox time. (See pp 175-179 in Shamanic Gardening: Timeless Techniques for the Modern Sustainable Garden.)

Because this day is such a powerful transformational time we have the opportunity to take part in the Great Mystery’s light-blessings that are pouring into the air, the water, the earth and into our hearts, emotions and minds. It’s a perfect time to:

  • Vision your greatest DREAM.
  • Imagine the JOY of having PEACE in all relationships.
  • Have every action be ruled by LOVE and compassion.
  • Be aware and acknowledge miracles.
  • Feel and sense the HARMONY that is within all creation of the Circle of Life.

*(UTC=Coordinated Universal Time) Other exact times to observe in United States: 6:11am East Coast; 5:11am Central Time; 4:11am Mountain Time; 3:11 West Coast Time; Hawaii Time 1:11am

Happy Thanksgiving!            We give our gratitude and deep appreciation for family, friends, our Ancestors & future generations; to gardeners, caretakers and teachers that help sustain the Earth, Democracy, Art, Peace, Joy, Harmony and Love.

To Mother Earth we give thanks and deep appreciation for giving all that is needed for life;

To the Spirit of Water and all life in water;

To the Plant Kingdom who sustains many life forms;

To all the Edibles and Medicine Herbs who sustain life with health and pleasure;

To the Animal Life who teach us about ourselves;

The Tree Kingdom our support in breath, strength and peace;

The Bird and other Air People who give songs, colors and beauty;

The Nine Sacred Directions who speak to us through the wind;

To the Thunder Beings who renew life by bringing all varieties of chi;

To Grandfather Sun who is life;

To Grandmother Moon who sustains beauty, reflection & love in relationships;

To the Great Unseen Ones who sustain the Circle of Life;

To the Great Mystery, Divine Creator we are grateful;

We are One – One is All.

The wisdom teachings of ancient cultures, shamans and medicine people are relevant in today’s world. A comforting, powerful tradition I learned from Grandmother Twylah in her classes on the Pathway of Peace/Cycles of Truth is to acknowledge those who have kept the ancient Indigenous teachings alive. Because of the educators, from the past to the present, it is possible to integrate the ages-old teachings with the energies of today.

Looking ahead to seven more generations of people, we all can be grateful for the teachers that are weaving the lessons of earth medicine into the present culture. However, as you ‘stand tall’ and ‘walk your talk’ others are taught and that sustains the Circle of Life for the next seven generations.

I am grateful for your teaching.

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