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The classical 7-path labyrinth design is a perfect sacred space for community gatherings, sacred ceremonies, as well as creating a means for connecting with nature, and as a tool for developing peace. Used as a form of sacred space in cultures around the globe for over 3200 years, this type labyrinth design can actually, de-stress the nerves, help to integrate and balance the right and left brain, center the focus, and organize your day.

I have been walking my personal since 1981. Mostly in the morning before the sun rises so I can enjoy the energetic and shamanic sacred space designed by the Great Mystery. My walk sets the day for me in a very powerful and enlightening way. I walk my labyrinth when starting a new project, I need a solution or new insight, I want to connect to my deepest inner wisdom, or just get connected and express gratitude. It has become a sacred space that is an important ingredient of my life.

Because the Shambhalla Institute blends the design and installation with sacred teachings of ancient indigenous cultures, feng shui, and sustainable garden design, personal sacred space reflects individual lifestyle, innate strengths, goals, and spiritual nature. The experience gives the mind a chance to slow down and get focused. The senses are heightened to feel, see, and hear the natural environment surrounding the labyrinth while the intuition opens into what the mind is thinking, the heart is feeling, and my gratitude.

The Shambhalla Institute is looking for people who want to learn about the labyrinth and help install labyrinths for themselves, friends, schools, nature centers, community gardens, and public parks. If you are interested in working together to add sacred space in your community, please contact the institute, 352.638.2617.



Personal growth and spiritual power require deeper connections to Within or what I like to call the HeartSelf. It is that part of you that is Within; it is greater than your mind. You are not your mind. You are more than your mind. You are the HeartSelf. Getting to know this valuable part of your self and listening to its Wisdom and Truth gives important insight into your life. Making the connection, and then, listening deepens the knowing of who you really are. The shamanic journey inward travels into intertwining levels of LOVE and healing. Choose to focus on LOVE then, listen intently and later express the Wisdom received from Within. The process is exciting, exhilarating, and is frequently very entertaining with a good amount of humor, discovery, and healing.

Taking the time to listen to the wisdom of the natural world is a powerful way to rejuvenate mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Consider joining a Shamanic Journey Retreat to explore the energy connection between the Earth and the energies of the HeartSelf. What you see effects what you think and feel. The imprint on your life is expanded when you observe and listen to the wisdom of the natural world.’ New ways to think can be learned. Healing is a common occurrence.

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Art by Indigo, 1988

Celebrating Autumn Equinox 2011
Friday   September 23
2:05AM West Coast       5.05 AM East Coast

It is a time to set the focus only on feeling and expressing gratitude with others all that has been received. Together we begin a walk into the West by slowing down. It’s a good time to get to know yourself by asking:

  • What are the fruits of my harvest this year?
  • How have I changed?  Thoughts?  Emotions?  Spiritual growth?
  • How am I more aware?
  • How has my consciousness changed?
  • Who am I now?

Between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice, we reflect on all that has happened since the Winter Solstice 2010. Because it’s a time to get the ‘soil’ ready for planting new seeds at the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012, ask yourself:

  • Who do I want to be?
  • What positive thoughts am I going to hold throughout 2012?
  • For 2012 what seeds do I want to plant for self, family, others and earth wellness?
  • What action can I take throughout 2012 that can sustain earth wellness, peace, love, joy or harmony for seven generations into the future?

When we open our eyes, we see beyond ourselves.

When we open our ears, we listen beyond ourselves.

When we give ourselves over to this attraction we grow in self-awareness.

Grandmother Twylah Hurd Nitwch, Seneca Elder & Teacher

Take time to smell the flowers – or take time to meditate with the MedMob movement. Begun this year to create space for people to be a part of a meditation community that is free of dogma and to acquaint people with the benefits of meditation. See their website,, to learn more about it, get a date and location and to learn how to organize one in  your hometown.

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