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At the time the sun is rising, the deep silence of the SunHeart moves into the day. The voice of your HeartMind can speak to the Heart of the sun and the Heart Within the Vibralcore of the earth. As each Heart breathes slowly, deeply, a powerful oneness is present for the day.

Breathing into that unified, connected breath, although naturally happening every day, becomes powerful when you acknowledge it together with your HeartMind and your BrainMind. As your HeartMind awakens together with the fire breath of the sun and with the grounding breath of the earth, gratitude acknowledges the process while mindful awareness is learned, along with an heightened ability to see miracles happening. Ask your HeartMind to send a silent notification whenever a miracle is happening in your life.

On the Autumn Equinox, Sunday, September 22, 2013, (New York, 4:44pm EST), (Los Angeles & Sedona, 1:44PST), is an excellent time to talk about those miracles and how your life has been blessed. This blog is also a great place to share your miracles. Consider telling your stories here; we are grateful for what you have to say. 

We invite you to join us at the Shambhalla Sedona Retreat; set in place to connect Hearts and share our miracles.

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Happy Thanksgiving!            We give our gratitude and deep appreciation for family, friends, our Ancestors & future generations; to gardeners, caretakers and teachers that help sustain the Earth, Democracy, Art, Peace, Joy, Harmony and Love.

To Mother Earth we give thanks and deep appreciation for giving all that is needed for life;

To the Spirit of Water and all life in water;

To the Plant Kingdom who sustains many life forms;

To all the Edibles and Medicine Herbs who sustain life with health and pleasure;

To the Animal Life who teach us about ourselves;

The Tree Kingdom our support in breath, strength and peace;

The Bird and other Air People who give songs, colors and beauty;

The Nine Sacred Directions who speak to us through the wind;

To the Thunder Beings who renew life by bringing all varieties of chi;

To Grandfather Sun who is life;

To Grandmother Moon who sustains beauty, reflection & love in relationships;

To the Great Unseen Ones who sustain the Circle of Life;

To the Great Mystery, Divine Creator we are grateful;

We are One – One is All.

The Sun put down all the wild animals, and when the sheep were placed,

this is what was said:

Their faces will be dawn, their eyes will be rock crystal

Their ears will be plants, their wool will be white fog.

(Taken from Navaho of Canyon de Chelly, Rose Hauk)

Words are very important. They are related to memory, feelings and cause action in your life. What action do you want in your life, right now? The related action draws matching experiences.

A fond memory when I was leading a Spring Equinox gathering in Pennsylvania

In 1981, with my friend Indigo, we began leading Medicine Wheel gatherings to celebrate the change of seasons. Over the years, a system evolved for each season.  At the Winter Solstice each person created a specific vision and goal-related ‘seeds’ were written down for the next year. The vision and seeds or goals reflected the individual’s wish list for the coming year.

Define Your Vision

The Spring Equinox is a time to turn a personal vision into a plan of action. To bring goals into reality. To define your vision write down 1 – 3 actions you can take to manifest each goal.

  • What is your vision and plan of action for your career?
  • What is your vision and plan of action for your personal growth?
  • What is your vision and plan of action for your spiritual journey?

Write your goals on two separate pieces of paper. One page is burned and one page is tucked away in a special place where you can find it at the end of 2011. Burning your goals gives them power and helps release any blocks.

Manifestation Tip

The art of manifestation includes a grateful attitude, the ability to hold a vision and sustain a focused mind. Your passion and excitement towards achieving your goal increases the power for manifestation. Together we can manifest both our individual dreams and the world wide support of all who are in need.

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